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We have a full range of exciting activities to choose from - and all delivered by our fully trained and qualified enthusiastic Instructors.
We know how young people really enjoy variety, so beyond our adventure activities, we’ve devised some fantastically challenging problem solving, and team building development sessions. So we get to motivate your pupils and create great fun, simultaneously.
Below is just a sample of our action-packed activities. Just call us to discuss your exact course requirements and we’ll tailor-make the perfect course that ticks all your boxes.

Aerial Adventure

We’ve designed a range of challenges demanding different combinations of team work and independent involvement. Through participation, individuals will also learn support roles such as belaying and equipment organisation. Learning outcomes to include confidence building, physical agility and balance and trust

Example Activities

  • Crate Stack

  • Jacob's Ladder

Tug of War

Physical Challenge

We have a host of different activities designed to use the unlimited energy children have whilst working together and have great fun. Learning outcomes to include agility and balance, resiliance and leadership.

Example Activities

  • Aeroball

  • Body Zorbs

  • The Cube

Team Building and Problem Solving

Designed to develop transferable skills, encourage collaboration and build confidence in young people.  Below is a selection of our problem solving activities which can be combined to make a full or half day of activity. Learning outcomes to include collaboration and team work, listening and communication and critical thinking and decsion making.

Example Activities:

  • Escape the Room

  • Low Ropes

  • Buggy Building


Developing Skills

Develop balance, control, precision,  and much more while new enjoying a variety of challenging and exciting activities.

Learning outcomes to include skill development and, spatial awareness.

Example Activities

  • Scooters and Skateboards

  • Archery

Survival Camp

Bushcraft and survival activities offer a great opportunity for team bonding and personal development. Students can make a shelter, build a fire and cook over it, explore woodcraft and play woodland games among the trees. It’s a great way to get back to basics, reconnect with nature, develop practical skills and spend some quality time together.  Learning outcomes to include survival, personal skills and development and outdoor learning.

Example Activities

  • Bushcraft

  • Den Building

  • Fire Lighting

Survival Weekend April 2007 019.jpg

Evening Activities

Bringing the groups together for some fun before bed time.

Example Activities

  • Night Hike

  • Campfire

  • Celebration Evening

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